Major Activities of M.P. Agro.
  • Marketing of Agricultural inputs such as Seeds, Pesticides, Agricultural Machineries, Tractors, Irrigation systems such as Pumpsets, Sprinkler and Drip system and Chemical and Organic Fertilizers.
  • Manufacture of High Quality BIO-FERTILIZERS such as Rhizobium, Azatobacter, PSB and Liquid Culture.
  • Manufacture of ORGANIC-MANURE from Farm Waste and City Garbage.
  • Large scale production of Hybrid Vegetable Seeds, Planting Material for Fruits and Commercial Scale Production of Vegetables and Fruits for the Domestic and International market at India's largest farm (3500 acres).
  • Promotion of AGRO PROCESSING INDUSTRIES as per the schemes of Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India in Madhya Pradesh with special emphasis on units for Pulping, Brining and Freezing of Fruits, Vegetables and Floriculture.
What MP Agro can offer
  • Supply of Cereals, Oilseeds, Pulses, Fruits, Vegetables, Spices and Flowers sourced in Madhya Pradesh to National and International buyers.
  • Complete services for Project Promotion of Agro based industries.
  • Equity participation on a High Quality Seed and Horticultural planting material.
  • Marketing opportunity for High Quality Seed and Horticultural planting material.
  • Contract farming tie-up with Government farms and Private cultivators for dedicated cultivation of Cereals, Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables.
What MP Agro is looking for
  • Long term tie-up with Domestic and International partners to market the Processed Produce of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Collaboration for developing Hybrids Seeds for fruits and vegetables.
  • Partnership for setting up Tissue Culture Facility for Horticultural Crops.
  • Investment and Technology for setting up large capacity Processing Plants for handling the Vegetables and Fruit production of the State.
  • Private participation in setting up organic manure plants on urban solid waste of Municipal Corporations.
The M. P. State Agro Industries Development Corporation has taken up promotion of Agro based industries in Madhya Pradesh as one of its major objectives. During the 35 years of its existence, the Corporation has played a pivotal role in extending Farm Mechanization and use of improved practices in the State leading to increase in Agricultural Production and Improvement in productivity.
The Corporation provides a full package of services to farmers in all the Districts of the State, which include supply of Other Agricultural Inputs
  • Implements
  • Pesticides
The Corporation has so far established 5 Agro based units with its own resources and 4 units in the Joint sector.
The Corporation is now focusing more on the promotion of Agro industrial units in the Joint and Assisted Sectors. For this purpose, the Corporation solicits proposals from
  • Prospective Investors
  • Export Oriented Fruits and Vegetables Processing Units
  • Integrated Horticultural Farms
  • Mushroom Production and Processing
  • Tissue Culture
  • Units Based on Existing Agri-Products Like Tamarind, Mango, Minor Forest Produce
The Corporation owns a mechanised farm of 3230 acres at Babai, district Hoshangabad about 103 KMs from Bhopal.