Tele-Samadhan Kendra (Call Center)

Govt. of MP. Call Center ->155343External Website that opens in a new window

Tele samadan


With the initiative of starting the "Citizen Facilitation Center" the Government of Madhya Pradesh took the first step towards creating a "Single Contact Number" (Help line) for any public services rendered by the State Government and its entities. It aims to meet all the requirements for a perfect Call Centre as per the ITes (IT enabled services) sector industry norms. The Call Centre has been allotted a Toll free no. 155343 which can be accessed through land line and mobile telephones across the state. This "Citizen Facilitation Centre" was started on 23rd August' 08. There are 325 services (Information's / Complaints etc) of 20 Departments, which are currently available on the system for citizen grievance and information processes.


Whenever the citizen calls on toll free number 155343 the call center executive records the details of the citizen and provides details of the government schemes if the citizen is seeking information or lodges the grievance, the system generates a unique Token ID (Grievance ID). The citizen is informed of the grievance ID and is also told about the time that the department will take for redressal. An outbound call is then generated from the centre informing the level officer about the grievance for proper redressal and thus passes through the prescribed escalation matrix for resolution.


The departments connected with the systems can access the database through the website Website that opens in a new window with login IDs and passwords. The citizen can also see the status of his/her grievance. FAQs related to different schemes of the government are available to the citizen. Till date the numbers of information seeking calls are approx 23 lacs and grievance calls are more than 1 lac out of which almost 91% are closed grievances. Thus Call Centre is a vital IT tool, which is helping GoMP to improve Citizen Services.