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   National & State Level Awards


The Culture Department of Madhya Pradesh Government has founded some national and state level annual awards to honour art in its various forms and set new national standards in the field of art and literature.


Kabir Award

This award was founded in 1986-87 to honour poetic genius in the field of Indian poetry. Any Indian language poet can be honoured with this award. The amount of this award is Rs. 1,50,000. This is given away to the poets of Kannada, Bangla, Punjabi, Hindi, Marathi and Gujrati languages.


Tansen Award

Tansen award was founded in the year 1980 and carries Rs. 1,00,000. Tansen award is presented every year for Hindustani classical music, during Tansen Samaroh at Gwalior.


Kalidas Award

It was established in 1980-81. In this award, Rs. 1,00,000 and a citation is presented in the fields of classical music, classical dance, theatre and visual art.


Tulsi Award

Tulsi award was founded in the year 1983-84 to honour adivasi/folk and traditional arts. Within a period of 3 years, this award is given turn by turn, twice to theatre and once to visual arts. In this award, the recipient gets Rs. 1,00,000 along with a citation.


Lata Mangeshkar Award

Lata Mangeshkar award, started in the year 1984-85 to honour excellence in the field of light music. In any language singer, instrumental player and music composer gets the award turn by turn. Under this award, Rs. 1,00,000, along with a certificate of appreciation, are given to the recipient. This annual award is given generally on or around 4th of December that is, on Lata Mangeshkar's birthday, in Indore.


Iqbal Award

This was established in the year 1986-87 to honour creative writings in Urdu literature. This award carries Rs. 1,00,000, along with a citation.


Kumar Gandharva Award

Kumar Gandharva award was founded in the year 1992-93 to encourage creativity among youth in the field of music. This honour is given to the young artistes of age between 25 and 45 years, in the field of classical vocal and instrumental. The award carries Rs. 51,000 and a citation .


Maithilisharan Gupt Award

This award of Rs. 1,00,000 was founded in the year of 1987-88 to honour the excellence in the field of creative composition in Hindi poetry.


Sharad Joshi Award

Sharad Joshi award was founded to honour trends in writings other than those relating to literature. The award is given for essays, memoirs, repertory, diary, letter and satire writing. The award carries Rs. 51,000 and a citation.


Shikhar Award

This award was founded in the year 1980-81 to honour outstanding creativity in the fields of literature, music, theatre and visual art.

From the fields of music, dance, theatre and folk arts, one art form is chosen every year for the award. Shikhar Samman for visual arts is given to both tribal and non tribal forms of art. Generally, in a period of 3 years, one year is chosen for the Rupankar arts.

Shikhar Samman in the field of literature is given only for Hindi. The prize money of each Shikhar Samman is Rs. 31,000/-.


Kishore Kumar Award

This award was instituted in the year 1998 and is of Rs. 1,00,000. The award is presented every year for outstanding works in the fields of film direction, acting, script writing and lyrics writing. An eloquent programme is organised in Khandwa of Madhya Pradesh, which is the birth place of Kishore Kumar, for presenting this award to the recipients.


Devi Ahilya Bai Award

Founded in the year 1997, Devi Ahilya Bai award is given to female artists only for excellence in tribal, folk and traditional arts. The award carries Rs. 1,00,000 and a certificate of appreciation.


Mahatma Gandhi Award

This award is given away to organisations for their outstanding works based on Gandhian Philosophy, in the field of social upliftment. The recipient is honoured with Rs. 5,00,000, and a certificate of appreciation.


Content Courtesy : MP Madhyam.