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1 Mineral Resources Department Granite_Marble_PL_QL_Form/ग्रेनाइट/मार्बल पी.एल./क्यू.एल. प्रपत्र View/Download(280 KB)
2 Mineral Resources Department Granite_Marble_PL_QL_approval_Process/ग्रेनाइट/मार्बल पी.एल./क्यू.एल. अनुमोदन प्रक्रिया View/Download(280 KB)
3 Mineral Resources Department PL(Prospecting License) Form/पी.एल.(पूर्वेक्षण लाइसेंस) प्रपत्र View/Download(293 KB)
4 Mineral Resources Department QL(Querry Lease) Form/क्यू.एल.(खदान पट्टा) प्रपत्र View/Download(35 KB)
5 Mineral Resources Department RQP-Application-Form/मान्‍यता प्राप्‍त व्‍यक्ति हेतु आवेदन पत्र (RQP)/मान्‍यता प्राप्‍त व्‍यक्ति हेतु आवेदन पत्र (RQP) View/Download(215 KB)
6 Mineral Resources Department RP(Recconnassance Permit) Form View/Download(285 KB)
7 Mineral Resources Department ML(Mining Lease) Form View/Download(303 KB)
8 Law and Legislative Affairs Dept View/Download(254 KB)
9 GAD View/Download(201 KB)
10 GAD View/Download(183 KB)

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