Promotional Institutions


Many organisations and institutions have been formed for the development, preservation and research of the activities related to culture and art in Madhya Pradesh.


Kala Parishad

It was established in 1952. This organisation is working as an academy for music, dance, drama and fine arts.


Sahitya Parishad

Founded in 1954, Sahitya Parishad organises creative critical literature meets, talks and conventions for the protection and encouragement of Hindi literature in the state.


Urdu Academy

This Academy has been giving the financial aid to poor Urdu poets and literary societies for the encouragement and protection of Urdu literature since 1976. The Academy arranges financial help for the publication of Urdu books, and libraries for Urdu books.


Bharat Bhawan

Established in Bhopal on 13th February, 1982, Bharat Bhawan is a multidimensional arts centre for nurturing interactional proximity among literary and stage artists. The aim of Bharat Bhawan is to give shelter to the best creations of permanent significance which are being played in cities, villages and jungles. Bharat Bhawan is situated on the sloping rocks on the banks of the upper lake in Bhopal. It is worth seeing for even its architecture and setting.

Charles Correa is the architect of this building. The sections of Bharat Bhawan are - Rupankar, Vagarth, Rang Mandal, Anhad, Ashram and Nirala Srijan Peeth.


Kalidas Academy

The objective of this Academy is to organise lectures, research, talks, training for dance and music, art exhibitions, traditional dramas, displays based on folk arts, music and dance. It was set up in 1977. It also does the job of publication and research.


Ustad Allauddin Khan Music Academy

It arranges programmes like Allauddin Khan lecture series, rare Vadya Vinod, Chakradhar Festival, Kathak Prasang, Allauddin Khan Memorial Music Festival at Maihar, Amir Khan Festival at Indore etc.


Lok Kala Parishad

The aim and work of this art council is to survey and document the tribal art and cultural traditions.


Content Courtesy : MP Madhyam.