Why MP



Advantage of MP

  • MP is the second largest State of India stretching over 308,000 sq.kms.
  • Rich in natural resources – Fuel/Mineral/Agri/Bio etc.
  • 31 % of the lands under forest cover with a largely unexploited species of rare, Valuable medicinal-herbal plants .
  • Largest producer of soyabean, pulses, gram, and garlic.
  • Third largest producer of cement in India.
  • Over 144 BCM of coal bed methane reserves available.
  • Investor friendly and peaceful environment.
  • Centre for quality professional education.
  • Skilled and technical manpower.
  • Natural logistics hub of the country.
  • 11 Agro climatic zones.
  • Strategic location.
  • Low cost of land.
  • Tourists delight.
  • Vibrant industrial base.
  • Non Parochial culture.

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Strengths of MP

Madhya Pradesh the second largest Indian state, covering 9.5% of the area of the country, is endowed with rich natural resources, salubrious climate and fertile agro-climatic conditions.

In the recent years, Indian economy has changed substantially. Market forces, rather than Govern¬ment, have begun to dictate investment flows across the industrial sectors. In Madhya Pradesh, investors have better options in terms of project location, infrastructure, incentives and other facilities. The State Government has laid out business friendly policies for accelerating industrialization of the state.


Industry, in Madhya Pradesh, is largely natural resources driven. It has abundant natural wealth in the form of limestone, coal, Soya, cotton, bauxite, iron ore, silica and so on. The state has a strong industrial base in sectors like textile, cement, steel, Soya processing and optical fiber. Major Central public sector undertakings: BHEL, National Fertilizers Limited, Security Paper Mill, Hoshangabad, Currency Printing Press, Dewas, Alkaloid Factory Neemuch, Ordnance Factory, Itarsi, Gun Carriage Factory Jabalpur and Nepa Mills, are also located in the state.


Connectivity is the key to economic advancement. Connectivity is the key to development. And connectivity is strength of Madhya Pradesh. The State has a well high perfect equidistant connectivity to India's metros, and other markets. Coupled with the state's vast and rich natural resources are the rich cultural heritage, an excellent quality of life, a thriving industrial base, peaceful manpower, and a progressive and investor friendly government. That sums up "Advantage Madhya Pradesh".

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Strategic Location

The state is home to dense forests, areas that are rich in minerals, a variety of fauna and a network of rivers. Madhya Pradesh's scintillating natural beauty also makes it ideal for tourism.

Madhya Pradesh conjures up images of abundant natural beauty. The truth is not far from reality.

  • 425 trains pass through MP daily with 220 trains passing through the state capital Bhopal alone.
  • National Highways of 4885 km criss -cross MP.
  • 6 National Highways, including trunk routes of Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Chennai, Delhi- Bangalore and Delhi-Hyderabad pass through the state.
  • State Highways spanning 9885 km and connecting key urban and tourist centre.
  • Air links to principal cities like Delhi Mumbai, Ahemdabad, Hyderabad, Raipur are well connected from Bhopal & Indore.
  • Convenient air links to principal cities-Bhopal, Indore, Khajuraho and Gwalior.
  • Convenient linkages to Kandla Port, Jawahar Nehru Port Trust, etc.

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Rich Natural Resources

  • Madhya Pradesh has 11 different agro-climatic zones.
  • Rich mineral wealth of iron ore, diamonds, copper ore, magnesium ore, limestone, coal and marble, granite.
  •  12.4% of India's forests are in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Scarce fuel resources such as coal and coal-bed methane are available in plenty.
  • 7.7% of India's coal reserves are in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Asia's thickest coal seam located in the district of Sidhi.
  • Madhya Pradesh has the only working diamond mine in India.
  • 144 BCM of coal bed methane reserves identified.
  • Prospecting for blocks available for captive mining for power, cement, iron and steel units.
  • Large reserves of limestone, the basic construction raw material.
  • Manganese and dolomite, key ingredient to iron and steel, found here.
  • Exotic varieties of dimensional stones i.e. marble, granite and flagstone available.

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  • Largest producer of oilseeds and pulses in the country.
  • 25.3% of pulses and 36% Grams of total production of the country grown here.
  • Commercially favoured varieties of wheat and potato grown.
  • Largest producer of garlic and coriander.
  • Massive wastelands and government farms measuring from 50 to 3000 acres ready to be offered for investment.
  • Government of Madhya Pradesh has prepared a policy for allotment of Non Forest Waste Land for the investors.
  • Contract Farming is allowed. APMC act being amended.

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Rich Bio-Diversity

Madhya Pradesh is endowed with rich and diverse forest resources. Lying between lat. 21 004'N and Long. 74 002' and 82 049' E, it is a reservoir of biodiversity. The geographical area of the state is 3,08,252 sq. km which constitutes 9.38% of the land area of the country. The forest area of the state is 95,221 sq km constituting 31% of the geographical area of the state and 12.44% of the forest area of the country. This vast forest cover offers rich herbal resources in the state.

  • 31 % of state under forest cover.
  • 11 of 25 Global Agro-climatic Zones in MP.
  • A largely unexploited species of rare, valuable medicinal-herbal plants.

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Potential Clusters

  • Indore      : Pharmaceutical, Textile, Food Processing, IT, Auto Components
  • Bhopal     : Engineering, Textile, Biotech, Herbal, IT, Food Processing
  • Jabalpur   : Garment, Mineral, Stone, Forest, Herbal, Food Processing
  • Gwalior    : Electronics, IT, FMCG, Engineering, Stone, Food Processing
  • Rewa       : Mineral, Cement, Forest produces
  • Sagar       : Mineral Processing, Stone                                                 

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Content Courtesy : MP Madhyam.