Head of the Department

There are 5 Head of the Department working under the Revenue Department


Madhya Pradesh Revenue Board, Gwalior


Relief Commissioner, Bhopal


Chief Commissioner Revenue, Madhya Pradesh


Commissioner, Land record and Settlement, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh


Controller, Printing and Stationery, Bhopal


(1)Board of Revenue

In the Revenue Judicial System, Board of Revenue is the highest and revision appellate court of the State. Board of Revenue has been constituted under the Madhya Pradesh Land Revenue Code - 1959 and having its Headquarter in Gwalior. In the Court Cases under Land Revenue Code - 1959, Board of Revenue is the final Court for appeal, review and revision. In the context of the decision adopted by the Board of revenue, either the petition can be or reference may be submitted in the honorable High Court under article - 226.


(2)Relief Commissioner

Revenue Department helps immediately to the people affected from natural calamities such as drought, flood, hail, fire and earthquake etc. Relief Commissioner Office has been established in 1979 - 80 under the Revenue Department by the Government for the purpose of Compilation of information of damage occurred due to natural calamities and the continuous monitoring of the relief being supplied to the victims.


(3)Chief Commissioner of Revenue -

Office of the Chief Commissioner - Revenue has been established by the State Government's Notification dated - 15.02.2011. Under the Revenue Department, powers delegated to Chief Commissioner,are as follows-

•Establishment, general control, transfer, promotion and retirement etc of Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar.

•Establishment of Class III and Class IV employees of Divisional Commissioners, Collectors and Tehsil Offices.

•Maintenance of Nazool Land.

•Work related to Land acquisition.

•Urban Land ceiling Act

•Ceiling Act of agricultural holdings

•Work related to Diversion

•Assessment and recovery of Land Revenue.

•The budget allocation and control of Divisional Commissioner, District and Tehsil offices.

Being Head of the Department, review of functioning of each plan, strategic directions, guidance in legal cases and lead to run the programs successfully, the main functions of Chief Commissioner of Revenue Department.


(4)Commissioner Land Records and settlement

In the Revenue Department, Commissioner Land Records and Settlement are Head of the Department for regular land management, Land records, Agricultural Statistics and Land reformation. Being Head of the Department, review of functioning of each plan, strategic directions, and guidance in legal cases and run the programs successfully, are the main functions of Commissioner Land records and Settlement. The post of Joint Commissioner Land Records and Settlement is sanctioned to assist the Commissioner.


(5)Controller, printing and stationery, Bhopal

Gazette publication of Madhya Pradesh, Printing of functions and operations of Vidhan Sabha, printing of ballot papers for different elections, Budget manual printing, printing of all schedules forms, printing and publication of Official Diary and calendar, print and supply other stationary material to all departments of Government on their demand, to meet the demands of stationery to all Head of the Departments and offices of Bhopal etc. are the main functions of the Controller printing and stationery, Bhopal.

All the schedule forms are printed and supplied by this department, to all Government Departments, as well as completion of very important and confidential task such as printing of Budget, Gazette and Ballot papers without any interruption is the main characteristic of Department therefore the Department have its separate identity.