Circulars of Relief Commissioner's Office



Security Tender Information and Form - 2017 - 11 Jan 2017

Amendment in Revenue Book Circulars, Section six, No. 4 for assessment of crop losses caused by wildlife and distribution of relief – 22nd May 2012

Amendment in Revenue Book Circular 6 – 4: 23rd Feb 2013

Amendment in Revenue Book Circular 6-4: increase in parameters of amount of relief to be granted in the cases of crop losses: 07th March 2013

Amendment in Revenue Book Circular 6–4: 27th Aug 2013

In respect of aid for fully destroyed clay Houses (Not repairable), under Revenue Book Circular 6-4: 24th Sep 2013

Updated instructions issued,under Revenue Book Circular 6-4

List of Missing/deceased persons

Allotment to provide the relief amount to the heirs of missing / dead pilgrims in floods in the Month of June 2013 in Uttarakhand state : 26th Mar 2013

Information on damage from hail, and demand of additional allotment: 23rd Jan 2014

Regarding survey of damaged crops due to hail and unseasonal rains, and to provide financial aid to affected farmers : 28th Feb 2014

Regarding, Instructions issued by the department of Co operatives to convert the short term loans of hail affected farmers into Midterm loans: 28th Feb 2014

In the context of Natural disaster in the State, Instructions related to recovery of loans given by Money lenders : 03rd March 2014

Allotment for Video graphy : 04th Mar 2014

Distribution of relief from Demand No. 58: 04th Mar 2014

Instructions related to distribution of relief from demand No. 58 : 14th March 2014

Instructions of the department of Co-operatives - for the payment of relief through Co operative Banks: 14th March 2014

Allotment of amount of relief, to be distributed for loss of life, loss of cattle, damage to houses and crop losses due to hail / unseasonal rains, according to criteria of Revenue Book Circular 6- 4: 19th Mar 2014

Allotment for damage to houses, loss of life and loss of cattle caused by hail: 22nd March 2014

Instructions circular, related to field survey of damaged crops affected by natural disaster, on a large scale and to prepare and approve the cases of relief, to be given to farmers: 22nd March 2014

Allotment for distribution of relief amount for the loss of crops from hail and unseasonal rains: 25th March 2014

प्रदेश In respect of postponement of payable Land Revenue, in Districts of the State affected with comprehensive hail and untimely rains disaster, in the current year: 29th March 2014

In respect of, demand of allotment for distribution of relief in the cases of crop loss due to hail / unseasonal rains during the month of January 2014 to month of March 2014: 04th April 2014

Regarding, entries of distribution of relief in the cases of crop loss due to hail/unseasonal rains during the month of January 2014 to month of March 2014,through online software 09th April 2014

Implementation of action plan for the allotment for crop losses caused by hail / unseasonal rains during from the month of January 2014 to the month of March 2014, and the distribution of relief to affected people: 11th April 2014

Regarding, entries of distribution of relief in the cases of crop loss due to hail / unseasonal rains during the month of January 2014 to month of March 2014, through online software 29th April 2014

Memorandum On the Situation Caused by Heavy Rains and Floods in Madhya Pradesh During the Months from June, 2013 to September, 2013

Memorandum on the situation caused by Widespread Hailstorms and Un-seasonal Heavy Rains in Madhya Pradesh January-February, 2014

District wise Area, Production & Yield of Total Major Crops RABI

Daily District wise Rainfall for the month of January 2014

Comparative Chart of NDRF Norms and RBC 6-(IV)

Items & Norms of assistance from the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) and the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) for the Period 2010-15.

Letter to Union Agriculture Minister sent by hon'ble Revenue Ministers

Revenue Book Circular section six in number 4 Amendment - increase in grant aid criteria
Revenue Book Circular No. 4 amendments to Section G - dated July 24 2015  
मानसून वर्षा 2015 के दौरान कीट इल्‍ली, रोग आदि से फसल क्षति के सर्वेक्षण एवं राजस्‍व पुस्‍तक परिपत्र 6(4) के तहत राशि का प्रदाय करने बावत । 
मानसून समाप्ति के बाद प्रदेश में उत्‍पन्‍न संभावित सूखा, पेयजल संकट या अन्‍य समस्‍याओं से निटपने के संबंध में स्‍थायी निर्देश । 
Drought Affected District & Tehsils Notice
Tender document for Security, house keeping, Driver and typing work- 2016-17 
Revenue Book Circular 6(4) Amendment -05-122016