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Madhya Pradesh Employment and Training Council (Mepset)


Madhya Pradesh Employment and Training Council has been constituted in the year 1981 for the educated unemployed youth of scheduled tribe category through the development of skill in various technical and vocational fields to increase the opportunities for their employment / self employment. This institution is established by the Government under Societies Registration Act – 1973. In 1989, the name of institution has been changed with the expansion in its objectives by including the technical training programs for scheduled tribe category.

Objectives of Mepset are as follows:-

  • Training of skilled and semiskilled workers.
  • Arrangements for formal technical education of all levels, in which skilled labor and technicians are also includes.
  • Training for trained and untrained persons so that they can adopt other job.
  • To make arrangements for Comprehensive planning for technical skill development and its essential implementation.
  • Training of officers and staff working in Government departments and government institutions.
  • To do all other works for the development of technical skills in tribal areas which are desirable, necessary or supportive for the purpose.
  • Various institutions which are working for vocational, technical and managerial training in tribal areas, to connect them with the council and-

        (1)To decide their level of training or inspect them from time to time for that.

        (2)As per the requirement, to link them with such recognized institutions, those who conduct corresponding exams.

  • To make arrangements for technical training in local institutions.


Vanya Publication

Introduction of Vanya Publication

 Vanya publication has been founded in 1980, as the Government of M.P., Department of Tribal, Scheduled Caste and other backward class welfare undertaking. Vanya has been registered by the Madhya Pradesh Firms and Societies. M.P., Bhopal.

Main objectives of Vanya Publication -

  • To provide the best tribal literature to the tribal society concerning to their culture in the interest of tribal of Madhya Pradesh.
  • The purchase, creation, publication and delivery of the best literature for newly literate and educated tribal.
  • Publication of the best literature and textbooks in major tribal dialects.
  • Editing and publication of old records relating to tribal areas and tribal lifestyle and republication of previously published rare literature.
  • Publication of research materials in tribal areas.
  • Publication of selected contents relating to the Indian culture and great personalities, and publication of formerly published respective material by contracting with original publishers, and its distribution in tribal areas.
  • Purchase and distribution of selected books published by other publishers for tribal areas, students and institutions and publication of their special editions.
  • As per the requirement the compilation and publication of appropriate material for maintenance and dissemination of tribal culture.
  • To implement such welfare schemes with the consent of Board of Directors through which the improvement in educational level of scheduled caste and tribal students can be possible, and to make donation and provide financial support for the same purpose.
  • To organize multifarious programs centered on tribal lifestyle, culture, society, traditions, folk resources and different other topics, and to create and broadcast new program through films, video, audio and other traditional and modern techniques.


Entrepreneur Development Institute, Madhya Pradesh

Establishment and Introduction of the Institute -

Entrepreneurship Development Institute was founded as an undertaking of Tribal, Scheduled Caste and Other Backward Class Welfare Department of M.P. Government in 1980, and this institute has been registered by Firms and Societies, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal.

Main Objectives of the Institute -

  • To provide training, financial and technical assistance to tribal, scheduled caste and financially backward people of Madhya Pradesh, to start industry or business. To provide training, financial and technical assistance and support them for their production and its marketing, and to guide, coordinate and control their enterprises.
  • To establish Entrepreneur Development Centers (Production cum Training Centers), and operation, guidance and control of activities.
  • Operation, guidance and control of such production cum training centers established by Government, for which the Institute is authorized by the government.
  • To provide assistance and support to institutions and units of entrepreneurial class to establish the business, and connect them with the institute and to guide them.
  • To work as an agent of government or government institutions or entrepreneurs affiliated with the institute, and prepare necessary contract etc. for it.