Objectives and Priorities of the Department

Objectives and Priorities of the Department


Tribal and scheduled caste development department is one of the major departments of the State Government, the responsibility of development of scheduled caste and tribe class and protection of their interests has been assigned to which. To discharge its responsibilities, where the department is operating many supplementary welfare programs with educational and economic upliftment on one hand, similarly on being a nodal department regarding the sub plan program and special intermediary scheme, undertaking the task of budget provision for schemes and monitoring by playing the role of a coordinator between various development departments, on the other hand.


1. To bring Scheduled tribe classes and backward tribal areas equivalent to other categories of society by linking them with the mainstream of society


2. To uplift the specific backward tribal groups and bring them equivalent to other tribal sections. 


3. To implement education thematic plans on top priority for academic uplift of scheduled tribe class.


4. To provide space to traditional culture of scheduled tribes in syllabus and cooperative societies to be formed for scheduled tribe women.
5. To make available the means of employment through Antyoday Employment Scheme, Pratishtha Scheme and other schemes funded by national corporations.
6. To increase the number of scheduled caste / scheduled tribes residential school.
7. To provide food security in tribal areas through Grain Banks.
8. To bring the Tribal area human development Index, equivalent to the human development index of non tribal areas.
9. To bring the human development index of specific backward tribes equivalent to the human development index of other scheduled tribes.
10. To bring qualitative improvement in Education of tribals.