Students Home Scheme

Start of Scheme 1991 plan




1. This scheme is especially for the students those who are unable to get admission in hostels due to lack of seats, while the students coming from remote areas have an immediate need of accommodation. So Students Home Scheme is being operated to fulfill the requirements of such type of students.


2. Rule/ Act/ Government Order/ Instructions/ Circulars under which the scheme has been approved

 "Order No./ Ashram /211/91/2168, dated - 08.07.1991", issued by the Commissioner, Tribal welfare Department, Govt. of M.P.



Rules for the establishment of a Students Home


      Approval for Students-Homes will be granted only if at least five students (No maximum limit) willing to be stayed in Students Home. A written application must be submitted for it.


Admission in Students Home


1.    The eligibility for admission in Students Home will only be to the students those who have got admission in 11th class or above in any recognized government or non government educational institution, and they also possessing the eligibility for Post-Matric scholarship.


2.     Post-Matric scholarship to the students of Students Home will be payable only at hostel rates.


Arrangements for Students Home


1.    A well equipped house near to educational institute will be provided on rent by the departmental Officer in charge.


2.    The department will only be liable to pay the house rent, electricity and water tax and scholarship at Post-Matric rates. Arrangements for utensils, essential equipments, furniture, ration, water, cleanliness, news paper, sweeper etc. will be made personally by students at their own level.




       Collector / Assistant Commissioner / District Organizer and Principal of the Institute. 


Achievements of the year 2011-2012


       11010 students have been benefitted under Students Home scheme during the year 2011-2012. And the target has been set to be benefitted to 12000 students during the year 2012-2013.