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Goals and Objectives

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Establishment of the corporation : MP Tribal Finance and Development Corporation was established in 1994 under the section 25 of Indian Company Act 1956. The implementations of the schemes by the corporation was started from 1.4.95.


 The objectives of MP Finance and Development Corporation are as below :


1)To do economic social and academic development of the tribals.

To eradicate exploitation and to lift them above poverty line through development.

To make the tribals available easy loans and realise them with interest to achieve the above objectives.

Authorised share capital of the corporation : The authorised share capital of the corporation is 50 crores out of which the share of the State Govt. is 51 % and 49% of the Central Govt.

The target in 1999-2000 is to provide employment to 850 tribal beneficiaries under the schemes of self employment run by the loans sought from national schedule caste and schedule tribe finance and development corporation and also to provide employment to 10000       beneficiaries under the schemes sanctioned by NABARD.

Also under the training schemes of the national corporation is to give training 200 tribal beneficiaries.


Achievements are as below :  

Under the schemes of national development implemented during the financial year, 29 tribal beneficiaries in photocopy training and 5 under printing press total 34 tribal beneficiaries have been trained.

Under the schemes of national handicapped finance and development corporation, 233 cases have been forwarded to national corporation. So far out of which sanction has been accorded to 61 cases.

The progress of the schemes sanctioned by national schedule caste, schedule tribe finance and development corporation.

Total financial achievement is Rs. 668.63169 lacs and physical achievement is 402 and women beneficiaries 8.

The progress of the schemes of national corporation implemented upto December 1999 during the financial year 99-2000.